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Struggling with debt can be exhausting, and it might seem like you don’t have any options. Call The Law Office Of Douglas J. Powell today. Attorney Powell is a qualified bankruptcy lawyer in Austin, Texas who can help you regain your peace of mind by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You’ll be able to start a new chapter in your life without the burden of debt.

Attorney Powell also represents creditors—call The Law Office Of Douglas J. Powell now if you need help collecting unpaid debts from clients or business partners.

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Contact The Law Office Of Douglas J. Powell today if you need a trusted bankruptcy lawyer in the Austin, TX area. Attorney Powell can help you with matters related to Chapter 7 bankruptcy law and creditor representation law. He’ll examine your situation to determine if you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

If you’re a creditor struggling with clients who haven’t paid their debts, attorney Powell can work with you to develop a creditor’s plan. Arrange a consultation with The Law Office Of Douglas J. Powell today to learn more about creditor bankruptcy representation in Austin, TX or the surrounding area.

Why The Law Office Of Douglas J. Powell?

Here are three key reasons to hire The Law Office Of Douglas J. Powell if you need a bankruptcy lawyer in or around Austin, TX:

  • Attorney Powell has been practicing bankruptcy law since 1984.
  • He’s successfully handled thousands of bankruptcy cases.
  • He provides free initial consultations.

Attorney Powell will work closely with you during the course of your case to achieve the best possible results. He’ll take the time to explain the legal process of filing for bankruptcy, so you’re not left with unanswered questions about your financial standing.

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